New: Guests in P2s

We’ve recently enabled Guests, a new type of user that will provide great flexibility when inviting new members to your team.

Note: We’ve also made some changes to how we refer to things to make it more intuitive. What we’ve been calling “P2 spaces” will now be referred simply as “P2s“, and a network of several interconnected P2s will be called “workspace“.

When inviting a person to your organization, you can now choose how much they can access.


If you’d like to allow them to join, read, and participate in any of the P2s of your organization, you can invite them as members of the whole workspace. They will also be able to search across all the P2s, access the glossary, etc. To invite them to the workspace, click the “Invite people” button found in the “All P2s” section.


On the other hand, if you’d like to invite a person to a specific P2 so they can join, read, and participate in it, you can invite them as guests. They won’t be able to see other P2s, their guests, or anything outside of the particular P2 they were invited to.

To invite guests to a particular P2, open the menu in the Team widget and choose “Manage P2’s members”. This will take you to the list of people that has already joined that P2 — you’ll notice that existing guests will have a “Guest” badge. Those without the badge are members of the workspace that have joined the P2.

Then, just click on the “Invite” button.

Members or guests?

We usually recommend to invite your teammates as workspace members so they can access all the P2s and content in your organization and make the most out of the product. There are, however, situations where guests can be very useful.

For example, an agency may be working on several projects for different clients. To work efficiently, they decide to create a P2 for each client, and invite the appropriate stakeholders as guests. That way, they’ll be able to talk and collaborate with the designers and project managers in the agency (which would be members themselves, so they can participate and consult the different projects) but without accessing anything outside of their P2.

Other cases where guests make sense are with contractors, interns, or any other people that may only need limited access to your P2 workspace.

As you can see, guests are particularly useful in workspaces with multiple P2s — which require upgrading to P2+. While workspace members have a cost per seat in P2+, guests are free. You can invite up to 5 guests for every paid member. You can also invite the same person to be a guest in multiple P2s in the same workspace, but they’ll count as a separate guest for each one of them.

We hope you enjoy these updates, and please let us know if you have any feedback in P2 Feedback. Happy P2ing!

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