Collaborate Better with P2 Spaces

We’re excited to share a major update to P2 that allows you to add multiple P2 spaces to collaborate with your team. At Automattic, we have been using P2 Spaces as the backbone of our organization for over a decade and we are now opening this up to our customers.

These dedicated P2 spaces will allow different people to collaborate on different projects for different purposes, but still remain under the same overall umbrella. At Automattic, we have spaces for everything including hiring trials, finance, HR updates, tech support as well as cultural spaces to hang out and play games or share personal updates.

Multiple P2 spaces is the foundation for a series of powerful features to collaborate and engage as a team and will make your P2 experience very similar to what we use internally at Automattic. Multiple spaces will be available under our paid plan, P2+. We will be adding more advanced collaboration features under P2+ going forward.

Early Users of Multiple P2 Spaces

Phil Thompson of Web hosting firm Pressable explains that they have been using a single P2 since 2015. It is for company-wide announcements.

“We were already using P2 and it worked well. However, when you have just one P2 you see a wide variety of topics mixed together. Sometimes this meant that less sharing was happening, as seeing nothing but company announcements might give you pause about sharing something that the whole company might not need to be notified about.

Now with multiple Spaces, our teams feel more comfortable sharing and collaborating. We are communicating faster and more efficiently now, and projects have seamless collaboration across various teams. It’s quick and easy to point new employees to the appropriate Spaces for all their needs.

Best of all, we’ve entirely eliminated email for internal use. So the information is now accessible and searchable across the company, eliminating costly bottlenecks.

Phil Thompson, Director of Support, Pressable

With Multiple P2 Spaces, Pressable has expanded its network to include Spaces for: legal, HR, hiring trials, technical projects, customer issues, sales, marketing and customer success.

Organization of Multiple P2 Spaces

You’ll see a new top bar on your site which has a number of new features:

  • P2 Home: A collection of all your teams spaces. You can join spaces that are appropriate and star your most frequently used spaces so you can access them from the drop down list. You can access it clicking on the P2 logo on the left.
  • P2 Drop Down: A list of all your starred spaces to allow you to quickly switch between spaces.
  • Search: You can now access search faster across all spaces.

We will be adding a lot of new features very soon including powerful search across all your spaces, a custom glossary, team directory, a company handbook section and lots more!


Multiple spaces is available under P2+, our paid plan. P2+ will offer many enhancements to P2 including but not limited to:

  • Multiple spaces for your team
  • 50 GB of storage
  • Advanced search across all your spaces
  • Priority real time support from our team
  • Advanced blocks, customizations and integrations

Thank you for being a P2 customer — please let us know if you have feedback or need help with your P2 by sending us an email at We hope you like the improvements and happy collaborating!