P2 Updates

Onboard your team easily with pre-approved email domains

If your team, organization, or company has your own custom email domain (such as @automattic.com or @demmo.app, instead of @gmail.com) you can now pre-approve everyone using their work email so they can join your P2 workspace automatically. This way you won’t need to manually invite or approve each new member, saving you time and effort.

Learn how to enable this method with this help document. Once it’s enabled, tell your team to sign up to P2 normally — they’ll be offered to join your workspace as soon as their address is verified.

New GitHub integration

Is GitHub part of your team’s workflow? P2’s new GitHub integration makes it much easier to seamlessly work on both platforms.

You can now embed previews for GitHub issues, pull requests or milestones in your posts, comments and pages. These previews will display fundamental information like the title, status, date, or author, so you’ll be able to reference them from P2 providing much more context and information than just a simple link.

To create a GitHub preview, simply paste the url of an issue or pull request into the editor:

If your repository is private you’ll need to connect it with your P2 workspace. Learn more about this feature and find instructions for how to integrate P2 and GitHub.

Announcing the New P2 + Slack Integration

The P2 team is excited to announce our new integration with Slack is now live!

Slack is a messaging app that lets you organize team conversations in channels across different devices. With the P2 integration, you can automatically forward P2 posts to a specific channel or user within Slack.

Wait — why Slack?

Over the last few years, Automattic (the company behind P2) has been using this integration as an additional notification to keep our staff updated on new P2 posts. P2 and Slack represent two different modes of communication. P2 is well suited for asynchronous communication while Slack is best for real-time, immediate attention-grabbing sessions. In our experience, the two tools work well together and are better when integrated.

What we made

@ mentions. If you are @ mentioned in a P2 post or page, you will receive a Slack notification with a summary:

Additionally, you can connect a P2 to a specific Slack channel so that every new P2 post kicks off notification in the right Slack channel.

Embed Slack messages into P2 posts by pasting a URL

You can paste a Slack message URL directly into a P2 post and it should be embedded with proper styling.

This will work only for messages that are visible to the @P2 bot. If you want the bot to have access to the messages of one of your channels/conversations just invite it by typing /invite @P2 in Slack.

Installing the app

You can find details on the Slack integration in P2 Help.

If you are interested in P2’s Slack integration, please get in touch by writing p2@wordpress.com and we will respond.

P2 Patterns Revealed

Do you make the same type of P2 post again and again? Then P2 Patterns are for you!

P2 Patterns are pre-made templates that you can add to a P2 post or page. You can invest some time to get the format and fields exactly as you want and then in subsequent posts you just apply the pattern, update, and share. Examples might be a weekly update post or a call report.

Anyone can use P2 Patterns, however, only Administrators can create a Pattern.

Applying a P2 Pattern is as Simple as Using P2 Blocks

How to Create Patterns

Learn how to create P2 patterns here on this P2 help page.

P2 Patterns Examples

Updates to the editor and drafts

We’re excited to announce some changes to the editor and a new “Drafts” view that makes it easier working with drafts.

Fullscreen editor

We’ve been working on a new fullscreen layout for the editor, accessible just by clicking on the “New post” button.

This provides a better writing experience, with more space to let you play with blocks or patterns and less clutter so you can focus just on writing! The Settings panel is also more consistent and easier to use, and a new footer area will let you publish or close the content.

Access to drafts

If you are working on a post but it’s not ready to be published yet, you can save it as a draft from the editor by clicking on “Save draft”. As soon as you have a saved draft in your P2, a Drafts button will be shown on the homepage:

Clicking it will take you to a new view where you’ll see all your drafts, and easily share or delete them.

We hope you enjoy these updates, and please let us know if you have any feedback by reaching out in P2 Feedback. Thanks for your support and happy P2ing!